As the country exhibition „Expo .01“ became „Expo .02“, the concern-managment was not unhappy. To bring „Centre Müller“ to life, much had to get organized simultaneously to the daily business.

The museum was formally opened on April 26th, 2002. A social gathering was represented by personalities of international economy, finance and politics. By the beginning of May, the rareties were open to the public. Visitors of the museum will be set back in the time to around 1900. Various worksphops were adjusted accordingly to give an impression of working conditions at the time.

Not only does the museum dedicate itself to the past. In one hall fitted with the most modern machines of the 21th century, the rattling is exchanged by a humming sound. The machines are steered by computers instead of manpower.

„Centre Müller“ is not only a museum of machines, it also offers a 200 m2 multi-purpose room, which may be rented for seminars, presentations or banquets.